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I've been an extreme champion of women as long as I can remember. As a young girl, I developed a fascinating relationship with clothes, jewelry and style. My personal style was first inspired by my grandmother, mom, and aunts. Since those early days of finding joy in creatively expressing my mood, I recognized that when I looked good, I felt great.  I know that's the case for most women. Clothes and jewelry we love can speak to us so loudly because they offer a natural and such original way for us to express ourselves.
Inspiring women to have fun transcending their clothes and the jewelry they wear confidence, style and substance was my motivation to create ShopTheBGuide. I think people are most confident and inspired when they feel comfortable in their skin and free to express their truth. That's where the magic of life meets us, to encourage that, I help women to feel self-assured, feed their own creative expression and celebrate who they are!
That's badass. You're a rockstar. You're beautiful and there's no one else in the world like you. I celebrate that, my team celebrates that and we hope to inspire you to celebrate that more often. To help you do that we aim to bring you happiness through our quality, stylish and affordable fashion jewelry and clothing.
To foster and celebrate confidence and creative expression along the journey of women becoming everything they dare to become. 

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