Twinning Is A Major Commitment

I don't recommend "twinning" with just anyone, but when done right with the right person, twinning is absolutely winning. And, not to mention, incredibly fun. 

Exploring refreshing new ways to evolve my mother daughter relationship with my daughter, Jala is something that'll never get old.

For some time, our personal style was quite different. Jala has always held strong opinions about her self expression. For the most part, she preferred simple and I, fancy. 

Luckily for me, both of our styles continue to evolve and our style has become more similar. So as you can imagine, I'm relishing in this new fashion fun.


Fashion Twinning Is An Honor

As with any special relationship, it's fulfilling to discover new ways to honor the relationship. 

Whether you want to rock twinning with your daughter or BFF, I have a few tried-and-true pointers to make it feel effortless.

First, "twinning" doesn't mean you have to go head-to-toe. I mean, there are identical as well as fraternal twins, right? Exactly! My recommendation is that you and your daughter can go all out "twinning" as long as you both feel comfortable. On the other hand,  with your best friend I'd opt for a more fraternal - mix and match look.

Mix & Match For The Twin Win

I love the idea of rocking the same core piece rather it be a dress, sweater or t-shirt in different colors. Jala and I have done this several times to style looks for The Shop and it's incredibly fun. For this look, we both wore our One Shoulder Wrap Dress with The Meghan Necklace layered with a thinner chain and gold-tone shoes!

The look was a hit and "twinning" was with Jala was an absolute joy. "Twinning" has become our new thing recently and it's yet to get old.

Ready to explore twin fun with your daughter of BFF? Make it easy with our One Shoulder Wrap Dress, the Pink Lemonade Suit or the Unicornism Tee.

Be creative and have fun!




Courtney aka @TheBranista ❤️



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