A timeless trench coat , the perfect fitting boyfriend jeans, and beautifully bold gold neck and arm bling can spice up any day. Imagine season after season, a fabulous trench coat to rock that is just as versatile as your favorite lipstick, ohh wee. I've completely fallen in the love with our Eye-Spy Double Breasted Trench Coat she's the perfect plaid, with the perfect cut and the perfect length. 

 I'm obsessed with how the plaid carries its own boldness while the cut and details keep it classic enough to wear from season to season. Oh and please know, the Eye-Spy Double Breasted Trench Coat is heavy enough to wear on warmer winter and fall evenings, while, she's light enough to wear in the spring and even on cooler summer nights. 


Rocking the classic trench with my boyfriend jeans, our Roll Up or Down Jeans or our our Modern Vintage Jeans with one of our graphic tees or a basic tank top has been my go-to look the last few weeks. And, I'm loving the look even as I enjoy the unpredictability of the weather. This trench is ideal for those days that start out mild and cool down by night.



As we welcome in more unpredictable weather consider opting for a little plaid in either black or brown and add this staple trench to your wardrobe. 

The Eye-Spy Double Breasted Trench Coat is an absolute keeper.  A piece that you can effortlessly throw over your shoulders and luxe up the most basic of looks.

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