Lights, camera, action! There is nothing more amazing than a women with a lot of confidence with a healthy dose of style to match. Every now and again, it's natural to get restless and explore new ways to express yourself.  

I love fashion, fabulous personal style and the often addictive nature of watching trends morph from the runways of New York, Paris, and London to this shop and my closet season after season.

In True Fashion

Fashion, by its very definition, is constantly changing: bringing us fresh inspiration and reinventing old ones. As you marvel at new trends from season to season; I know it can get both overwhelming and expensive. Style is priceless, it can't be bought but you can look and feel like a million bucks for a lot less.

Self-expression is big part of your personal style, personal brand and identity. And, your wardrobe and personal style are great assets to help you express yourself without mumbling a word. As trends come and go, remain true to the core of your authentic self while snagging motivation from trends that appeal to you.  

Harness Your Personal Style

While honing personal style comes more natural to some; every brandista is charged with cultivating her own powerful and unique style. Perfecting your authentic personal style is the art of figuring out what works best for you; the cuts, colors, lengths and fits most comfortable and flattering on you.


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Your Fabulous Personal Style

Remember nothing screams fabulous personal style more than confidence, and I want every brandista to grace every room she enters dripping in confidence and doing her thing!

Here are a few of my fave personal style tips to help you define yours:

  • Play up your shape: pick your most adorned body part and rock ensembles that highlight them. Nothing brings attention to a beautiful -elongated neck like a open buttoned-down, a fitted turtleneck or a swanky, off-the-shoulder blouse.
  • Long legs. Rock figure fitting jeans, flattering shorts or dresses that show them off in the season's hottest colors and your most flattering cuts.
  • Pay attention to your outfit proportions: go flounce and voluminous where you want to minimize attention and sleek where you welcome the eyes. A great flounce skirt with a fitted waist covers anything. On days that you feel a little bloated or a work in progress (as we all do)- grab a great ball skirt with a fitted top and call it a come back.

Embrace your unique body assets, nurture your confidence and never wish to look like someone else. No matter what- you won't wake up in a body other than your own, so commit to loving it, and allowing it to support you in expressing your brilliant, stylish, and boss lady self to the world.

Be bold, be great + have fun while looking and feeling fabulous!

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