Who doesn't love fashion's latest obsession of all things sequence, glitter, and bedazzled? Yesss, the fashion Goddesses, came through, and glitz dominated the Spring runway shows. 

Sparkle, sequin, and shimmer are still synonymous with glam, but the wait is over. You no longer have to wait on the holidays to indulge.  Sequence, the popular but once seasonal trend, dominated every fashion week from New York to Paris. Plus, every fashion mecca in between.  



Seeing Marc Jacobs close New York Fashion week on a sparkling high was fashionably refreshing. But that was just the beginning, Michael Halpern rocked the house in London with a beautiful ode to old-school Oscar glam in his presentation. While in Carrousel du Louvre, Paris opened Fashion Week with an overflow of 'gawgess' sequin pieces and high-shine embellishments. 

The shows ignited a sparkle in the hearts the many women that once proudly rocked tutu's,  sequin leotards,  glitter, and all things perceived glam as little girls.



Watching the Paris became the icing on the fashion cake that inspired me to bring our deep v-neck sequin top to The Shop. AYEEE! Gone are the days of waiting for the holidays to get our sequence on.  Glittery pieces are no longer reserved just for ringing in the new year or throwback 80's parties.

If you have fond memories with sequins, tutu's and sparkles from childhood or the eighties; or, if you're discovering it's magical glam for the first time, the deep v-neck sequin top is the perfect sequin staple piece! It's a balanced remix on modern-day glam, glitz, and glamour. 

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