Personal style is a moving target that's ever evolving.

It's elusive at best. 

I've journeyed through my fair share of suspect fashion phases.

From those hard-to-forgive moments in high school when I felt completely free to express exactly how my ravishing hormonal self felt.

Through the way too many "in-between" then and now times when I found myself bored, having to save myself from myself.

You know, those not-so fabulous "of-the-moment (that should never exist)" fashion trends, we sometimes fall prey to. 

Cheers to knowing those phases pass without too much collateral damage.



The best fits, proportions, cuts and colors that work best for you and your confidence are the fundamentals of great style.

With that being said, as you evolve as a woman, it's natural to become inspired in new or different ways. 

Celebrate your growth and allow your personal style to reflect it.

From time to time your style may feel a bit monotonous.

I can relate, but don't settle for that.

Recently I started pairing my over the knee boots with denim shorts and ohh instant style remix!

I rocked the look with our Deep V Ruched Front Blouse and our Snake Print Feather Drop Earrings and absolutely felt fearless.

I've placed the look in heavy rotation so you'll be seeing more of it.

Are you in a bit of a style rut? Fret not.


Discover one new style you're digging and nail it.


Think of celebrities, friends, influencers or colleagues whose style you love

What is it about their style that resonates most with you?

Commit to one or two inspired looks and add it to your fall fashion lineup.


Now rock your new style with oodles of confidence and grace.

Want to try your over-the-knee boots with shorts? Snag the Dee V Ruched Front Blouse here and have as much fun with the look as I do.

Remember, style is timeless but change is inevitable.


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