Style Essentials For The Fashion Win

Ladies, I'm all about building a staple wardrobe around style essentials.  It's natural to get bored with your wardrobe. Before launching ShopTheBGuide, I definitely did. I encourage experimenting with fashion, it's inevitable, and so much fun. 

If there is one thing that I beg you to do - it's to keep life interesting. Take style risks. Who doesn't need a sleeveless wool turtleneck with peek-a-boo cut out belly? Or interesting color combos and clothes that keep you second guessing your choice. I've been there so many times, lol. This girl has drank the crazy fashion kool-aid enough for the both of us. 


Personal Style Earns Its Keep

Every woman with personal style has a conversation-worthy fashion journey. They're invaluable for great memorable and even better stories. However, I'm totally fine never reliving some of mine. Whew!

Those best fashion faux pas taught us style lessons that came with growth and humility. Exactly what a girl needs to build the confidence to someday step in her own own personal style with grit and grace.


Rediscover Your Lost Style Staples

Do you have fashion go-to's that you once loved but lost along the way? Maybe you've told yourself it's your age, or perhaps you simply forgot how amazing you felt rocking the look.

For me, it's the basic graphic t-shirt. In my teenage years and well into my 20's, I lived for a dope graphic tee. My faves were artist and television show tees.

Graphic T'Shirts For The Win

I devoured the cotton of my Good Times tee so bad it essentially became see through. That poor shirt served me well- far beyond, it was a hot mess before I finally let it rest.

Between then and know, I lost a little bit of my mojo around getting hyped for  graphic t-shirts. Sooo, I did something about it that I hope you love as much as I do.  

By Us For You With Oodles Of Love

I kept you in mind and really enjoyed myself working with my daughter Jala to design and shoot the new graphic t'shirts we carry. The collection includes simple expressions of special sentiments, that I know we can all relate to as women, mothers, daughters, sisters, entrepreneurs and girlfriends. 



These tees were created with a lot of good vibes and you top of mind. I trust that you'll enjoy styling them as much as we did creating them.

I've been grabbing my tee for the day based on my mood. I have fun styling it around what I've got going on that day and exactly how I'm feeling. 

Pile On The Neck & Arm Candy

Recently, I've found myself dressing up the tees with suit jackets and a pile of  neck or arm candy- an easy but oh-so stylish look and feel. 

Grab your favorite graphic t'shirts here, and live your best life styling and rocking it with your own personal style and vibe!



Courtney, aka The Brandista

@TheBGuide IG Flow